LookBook 2016

Splash by Della Roz is the newcomer to look out for in 2016.    Our launch collection consists of beautifully designed pieces using vibrant prints and brightly coloured neoprene in flattering shapes, combining these prints and fabric with creative design we have been able to put together a collection that is truly eclectic.

The styles in the collection are varied, there are 2 parts to the collection which tells our story- made in Nigeria, raised in England and taught by the World.

The first is bold and daring in its look, vibrant tribal prints which are influenced by our Nigerian heritage, where bold tribal prints called Ankara are worn and used these days for practically all types of creative handwork. We created prints with that African inspiration, we merged these with styles drawn from the west to create the first part of our story, the tribal collection.

The second part of our story is the neoprene collection which seamlessly bridges the gap between fashion and functionality, excellent for all types of active water sports for the bold and daring spirit.  Made with 100% neoprene this range is ideal for the fitness enthusiasts, it is ideal for swimming in the colder months and open waters.  Wearing our neoprene whilst engaging in water sports in average weather conditions is the same as wearing a waist trainer when working out, only difference is our neoprene collection is way sexier and water sports are always so much more fun.

Please enjoy our 2016 look book